Here are the steps I have done on acquiring USA Visa

Step 1

Click the link and answer the question

Step 2

  • Select Location
  • Enter the code
  • Start Application – New Application. (DS-160)
  • Upload Application – If you have saved your application. You can upload, edit and continue application.
  • Retrieve an application. If you already have the Confirmation number you can retrieve your DS-160 but not able to edit it

Note:  Just in case it got mistake. Just used the saved application and redo.  Make sure all information are correct before going to step 3.

Step 3

Schedule for your appointment

Apply for the new application or sign in if you have existing account.

  • Pay USD 160 for each visa regardless of age. Use credit card
  • Need 2×2 ID picture for each applicant
  • Select a date (you can modify/edit) the date as well
  • Go to the embassy for interview

Note: On the Immigration office don’t bring  anything  besides  yourself, paperwork if any, PR card, passport and 2×2 picture . Leave your things in the car to avoid delay.  At the interview you will be notify if approved or not

Step 4

Wait for the notice that the passport has arrived on Canada post. In our case we got interviewed last July 25, 2019 and got notified that our shipment is  out last July 29 and picked it up July 31, 2019. It took us only 6 days.

Good Luck to your Journey!!!