Congratulation it’ s your Graduation Day! No more going to school you achieved the highest education. So, when you already had your shining certificate does it mean you need to stop learning? But for most people they choose to stop learning when the formal education comes to an end.

“Develop a passion for learning, if you do you never cease to grow”

That include me for a while, I graduated as Bachelor of Science in Computer science and after 7 years I landed as Sales Assistance. In between those year we have our own Computer business but it did not last.What happen? Maybe because it was not planned properly and the economy is not good. We decided to give up the business and as a replacement my goal is to go Overseas for both me and my husband.  I started to take action and  looking for  opportunities. Online and by land.

Since it will be  my first job abroad. I accepted Sale Assistant position. August 2007 I landed in Kuwait. It is a good starting overseas job but it came to a point that everything is getting dull doing the exact task every day and getting paid the same amount every month. I remember saying to my self “If iam not going to improve my knowledge and specialize what I learn then I won’t progress and the goal I had before will be IMPOSSIBLE”. But my plan had change because I got pregnant and we need more income for my baby.

Needs push me out of the Comfort Zone

Year 2009 I was on my maternity leave for my second daughter when I decided to try to look for another job as our expenses is getting higher. Getting a job as SA is not that difficult to find but my target now is to be in a company with more compensation. I walk in trough companies like Alghanim Industries because they are getting commission and bonus on sales. I was lucky to give my resume to a very helpful individual hoping that someday she will contact me.


Since, I am eager to find something that may sustain our needs. I tried to look further.

I remember going inside a company to inquire if they had job vacancy and in my arms is my 1 month old daughter . I was given a chance for interview(maybe because I am carrying a child…). Thanks GOD the one, who drove me there, took the baby for a while. (Salamat Kuya Tony).

I had a good conversation with them putting my best effort. But unfortunately, there were no vacancy on  sales position. I thank them for giving me a chance to be interviewed but when I was about to stand up they notice my skills that I acquired like (Photoshop) and had a experience on online job (ODESK). Right on spot,  they offered me a Website Admin position…. I was so happy and scared. Happy,  because I could not believed that I will be back in IT. Scared because I am not sure if I can pass the probation or if I can really do it and survive.  So, I accepted the offer even though my knowledge was so little. I just go for it.

Challenges & Decision Making

On the first month in my new job. HR from Alghanim emailed me for an interview. OMG! Alghanim is one of the biggest company in Kuwait. They have 15,000 Employee with 40 other businesses in Middle East. While my present company only employ less than 50. How can I say no! It was really hard decision to make. It’s between EARNING MORE NOW or a Career path. But then, I decided to decline the opportunity and choose to stay in a smaller company. Despite of any obstacle like location & transportation. I just believed that I will learn from this experience. The Biggest challenges is that I am the only person who will handle the website which was not yet set up on that time. So, I have to learn everything on my own. Refresh Html, Learn Java Script, Learn Content management system, Learn Adobe Illustration and upgrade knowledge in Photoshop since graphic designing is also included on my duties and because it was a small company I was also assigned to be in purchasing department which is additional knowledge on business prospective.


With a lot of challenges there are times that I wonder if I have chosen the right path or what if I accepted the opportunity from Alghanim and everything will be organized. My regret that time is not giving the chance for opportunity. I did not even went for the interview and see the outcome, I just simply block it. That is why all the time. I always wonder. WHAT IF? Did I have the right decision? I’m not sure at that time all I know is I had acquire abilities , skill and knowledge that nobody can take from me. Even though salary is enough, I know for a fact that someday, somehow I am looking for a better future ahead.
So, Did I choose a right path?.. Lets see on the next phase…