My SOPA Success Story

Settlement Online Pre-Arrival Services

“Even though with my busy schedule in Kuwait I still managed to take time for the course otherwise it will be difficult for me to find a job in my field. The good thing is it is free and flexible so no rush.My resume drastically change and it really catch the eyes of the employers even before I was still abroad. It also prepared me on interview and how to deal with it. Treat SOPA as your investment. You will gain your asset eventually. It is up to you how you will arrived prepared.”

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  1. Background Information:
    • When did you arrive in MB? From where?
      • October 18, 2017. Iam a Filipino 
    • Why did you choose to immigrate and why MB?
      • I choose Manitoba because of the unique nomination for family reunification, low unemployment rate, low cost of living and the support from Province for newcomers.
    • With whom?
      • My Loving Husband and Adorable 3 kids
    • Education
      • Bachelor Of Science in Computer Science, AMA Computer University Philippines
    • Profession in your home country
      • Overseas Foreign Worker in Kuwait (Website Designer)
    • Targeted and current occupation in Canada
      • Website Designer
  2. How did you learn about the SOPA program and what services did you receive from SOPA?
    • It was highly recommended by friend in Facebook group who have taken SOPA before. She encourages me to take it. Due to my busy schedule I only completed Job Search Strategy, as this will be my main focus after I arrived in Canada,

  3. What do you like about learning with SOPA? How did SOPA change your approach to seeking employment in Canada? 
    • I have learned a lot from Soft and hard skills, Job Searching, revising resume to Canada standard and how to target the position you intend to apply. Match your skills with their requirements, research about the company, predicting your questions and answers, asking the right questions, thank you letter and so much more.

      It changes on my approach of how to apply to a position that would match my skills and making each resume fit for the job posting as well as preparation for the interview.

  4. Would you recommend SOPA to other pre-arrivals and newcomers?
    • Yes, I highly recommend SOPA for immigrants as it will help the individual to arrived prepared. 

  5. Describe any challenges you faced in your job search process and the steps you took to overcome these obstacles. Include the pre-arrival and post-arrival strategies: i.e. online workshops, volunteering, networking and others.
    • I can say that the challenges I faced are the time I was taking the course for job search strategy. With the busy work scheduled it had taken me awhile on finishing the course, as my facilitator is very dedicated to teach us the right strategy to be successful. The good thing is that the time is very much flexible. I always tell my self that I need to go through the challenges to become equipped. 

      With regards of post-arrival I can say that it is more easier for me to apply as resume and cover letters are ready just need a little bit of editing for each application.

  6. Please share your employment journey (eg. finding job leads, networking, interview process and experiences) and how long did you find your first employment?
    • I started looking for a job after my first month of arrival when everything is settled. I have tried walk-in, I have search from different website like jobbank, eluta and more. I have noticed that each had different listing. I have sent several applications online on Nov 23, 2017. A week after feedback is coming in. I got 3-interview request. One of which is for the position that I have back in Kuwait which is Website Designer. The interview was scheduled on November 28, 2017. Before coming to interview I have prepared my self and predict the possible questions, searched about the company, prepared my portfolio.

      On the interview most of the question is about soft skills. He even asked me why I have choose to live in Manitoba and how can I see my self 5 years from now, what is my career goals, how can I achieved it. There are also some question about technical issues which I have explained that I don’t have any idea about it but I am willing to learn regarding about the scenario. I have also prepared some question regarding the work.

      After our conversation, I believed that I have given him a good impression. I have sent him a thank you letter as well. After a day I call the HR officer and she just inform me that they are already doing a reference background. Once they accept the reply from my employer they sent me a job offer, which I received on December 6, 2017

      From the day I started to apply up to successfully receiving a job offer. Technically, It only took me 14 days to find a job. As my first month is dedicated to have some paperwork done. With this result it shows that SOPA is very effective for newcomers.

      I was overwhelmed to be working so soon on the same position I left in Kuwait. It wouldn’t be possible if I did not take the Job Search Strategy. It teach me the right path on searching job, be prepared, and how to handle the interview.

  7. Any tips for other newcomers in terms of finding employment in Canada
    • You must have dedication to learn the market for the career you want to achieve. If your profession is regulated then you look something that will be suitable in non-regulated job. Invest time to learn and Plan what are the formalities need to be done to attain your goals. Yes you can get a survival job easily but you can also have something you can enjoy most.  Always remember 20 % jobs are online but 80 % are on hidden market. Have a network, friend, relative and groups. They can help you on referrals. Research and Make a list of companies that interest you and submit resume if they have hiring. Do a walk in. Create your profile in LinkedIn. Have at least 5-7 application a day. This is based on my experience and I can say that it is efficient way to land a job.